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8 Sexy Bachelors Ballroom Dance

8 Sexy Bachelors Ballroom Dance

By Jessica Mays 2.3.14

One of our ballroom dance students from Windy City Wedding Dance has made “The 8 Sexy Chicago Bachelors,” featured in an article HGTV’s website . Don’t be confused. At Windy City Wedding Dance we teach singles, couples, family, and friends. Mike Haniff, a resident at K2 Apartments attended the K2 ballroom dance class back in October. We met Mike, and one of his dear friends Jim, when they were touring K2 apartments. Both Mike and Jim are earning their Masters Degree at Rush Medical and moved to Chicago from Florida.

Mike, featured in HGTV, talks about his puppy Knox who just turned 4 months, his dating style, and some of his favorite foods. After meeting Mike over the summer, and getting to know him personally words can’t describe his genuine charm and his kind gentle nature. He is definitely a ladies man. He adores his Mother and you can see him glow when he talks about her and their life growing up.

Last night I saw Mike at a super bowl party and we had a chance to catch up. He was telling me about the article that was written Francesca Robin 1.29.14 and I made him send me link right away. I proceeded to ask Mike about his plans after Med School and he said that he still wants to continue his dream in medicine, but he plans to head back South to Florida. I asked what we could do to get him to stay. He just smiled.  Keep your eyes on this one he’s a real catch and more importantly he like to ballroom dance.


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