3 Dance Styles Perfect For Faster Music

3 Dance Styles Perfect For Faster Music

We love to teach dance and many of our clients are looking for upbeat dance styles that they can use for their wedding or special events. Read more about dance styles where you can let your hair down. You’ll have the crowd roaring with excitement with each twist and spin. We have included our favorite dance patterns that our wedding dance specialist think are perfect beginner level dancers looking to build a foundation. We hope you enjoy these groovy spicy dance styles. These are the ultimate 3 dance styles perfect for faster music.







Hustle is an exciting dance style where dance partners rotate back and forth with spins, turns, and wheels. Hustle can be danced to a variety of music and became very popular in the 70’s. The beginner level hustle style is referred to as the Bronze level and includes 15 dance figures. Here are just a few of our favorite steps.

  1. Hesitation
  2. Wheel
  3. Underarm Turn Combination
  4. Leaders Behind the back pass
  5. Cross Body Lead
  6. Return to Faceloop

East Coast Swing

Swing dancing is another fun dance style great for faster paced music. Typically beginners start with single time swing. Single time is a modified version using slower steps. To get a full workout and sweat during class students can dance triple steps. Swing has 2 styles referred to as East Coast and West Coast Swing. Typically beginners start with the East Coast Swing. Here are a few of our favorite steps for beginner level students.

  1. Basic Step
  2. Basic Turning Left, Basic Turning Right
  3. Underarm Turn
  4. Underarm Release and Basic
  5. Throw Out


Salsa dancing is another very popular dance style. This fast paced dance style requires small steps and practice. Salsa can be counted in quick, quick, slow, or 1,2,3,5,6,7. Noticed we skipped 4 and 8. These are slight hesitations or holds used during the dance steps. Salsa is danced worldwide and may differ slightly depending on the region. Here are some of the best figures for beginners.

  1. Salsa Basic
  2. Follows Underarm Right Turn
  3. Lead Underarm Right Turn
  4. Cross Body Lead
  5. She Goes, He Goes, She Goes

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Looking to try one of these 3 dance styles perfect for faster music. You can start with our beginner level ballroom dance class or the salsa dance program at Windy City Wedding Dance or take a dance class at local dance studio near you. We are located in the heart of downtown Chicago and start our group classes at the beginning of every month. If your itching to start right away then schedule private dance lessons at the convenience of your schedule. Partners are not required. We teach singles and couples who want to learn how to dance.