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Chicago Dance Supply Wedding Bridal Dance Shoes

Great news to all you about to be bride and grooms. If you haven’t selected a wedding shoe, it just so happens that my favorite ballroom dance shoe is now being offered in a wedding line. I have tried numerous ballroom dance brands and this particular brand is very supportive and comfortable. That’s correct I said comfortable. There are several different styles on sight at Chicago Dance Supply in Andersonville. I first came across the shoe on the website, but I just called to verify that they do carry these shoes in the store. They come in a few different shades of Satin and there are some silver sparkle options as well. The brand I recommend is called Werner Kern. How many of us would like the opportunity to wear our wedding dress twice? I am raising my hand with you because I am engaged and want to wear my dress again, but its not likely. If you love to dance you can wear these shoes not just at your wedding but to any ballroom dance lessons after the wedding as well. For you ladies that are looking for a wild design they have some options that fall into that category as well. One problem I have with my feet is my foot seems to be to narrow for many brands. I love Werner Kern because they fit my foot like a glove.  For you ladies who are interested in doing more than the prom shuffle I recommend investing in a good shoe for your first dance. What ever shoe you decide to select its important that you taking your shoes to your wedding dance lessons at rehearsing like its show time. The same goes for you gentlemen make sure you are dancing in your shoes or a pair that will be very similar. Chicago Dance Supply has some great options for men as well in Werner Kern line. I send all my students to this particular retailer because they of their selection and their discounted referral program. Some you gentlemen that have never purchased a dance shoe may be quite surprised how light and comfortable these shoes feel to your tootsies. Feel free to email us at for more information or can you can check us out at


Werner Kern Dance Shoes at Chicago Dance Supply

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