Wedding Dance Songs 2018

Jun 04, 2018

Wedding Dance Songs 2018

With wedding season in full swing, here is the latest scoop on what we are hearing this year at Windy City Wedding Dance. Our blog ” Wedding Dance Songs 2018, ” should help you see what’s coming down the pipeline. Picking a song can be a little tough but here are a few that may spark some interest. Our clients number #1 pick has been Ed Sheeran Perfect. We predict this song will trend through the end of the year and creep into 2019. Check out the list below of 2018 wedding dance song contenders.


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1. Ed Sheeran – Perfect

Ed Sheeran releases yet another hit in 2017 with bride and grooms across the nation. Couples who request this song have a few choices of dance styles that can be used during this romantic ballad for their intimate first dance. Did you know there are 3 versions to choose from? You can dance to just Ed Sheeran or dance to the duet with Beyonce. Lastly if you like a classical feel, check out the other duet version with Andrea Bocelli. Ed Sheeran has taken Europe by storm with Perfect taking number 1 in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Hungry, Italy, Poland, and more.

2. Say You Won’t Let Go – James Arthur

Looking for a newer sound with a romantic splash? This song was released in 2016 and has been popular among our wedding dance clients who may not want a classic style of song. Clients are offered a few different styles of dance to choose from. Typically the size of the dance floor and the number of dance classes they choose will dictate which dance style they decide to use for their first dance. This song is not quite as popular on the billboard charts as Ed Sheeran, but a definite option for our clients.

3. Lovable – Sam Cooke

2018 has a been a year of resurrection for some oldies but goodies. For example Lovable has been trending in our dance studio. In 1956 Sam Cooke’s nailed his first pop song soul single was Lovable. Dance couples are offered several dance styles to choose from. A dance studio near you would be able to show you which styles are most suitable for your song.

4. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – The Four Seasons

Couples can’t go wrong with this classic. This song has greats peaks and valleys giving couples a chance to break out and boogie down. This wedding dance song seems to be a real crowd pleaser and is one of our all time top songs played in the dance studio.

5. Coming Home – Leon Bridges

We love Leon bridges and this romantic tune released in 2015. This song has a more intimate feel giving couples the opportunity to move slowly yet gaze into each other eyes. During dance classes the couples get to practice moving up, down, and across the dance floor. Although it feels like a classic song, we are hoping to see this new and upcoming artist give us more romantic music for our dance studio.

6. Adele – One and Only

I can’t lie this is one our personal favorites. One of our cherished clients called her a modern-day Frank Sinatra. This is another amazing song with perfect lyrics for that someone you have loved for so long. Our dance couples cherish this song and there is a true gaze of love in their eyes as the dance across the floor.

We always enjoy sharing our first hand knowledge about dance and what songs are used in our dance classes for couples preparing for a first dance. We hope you enjoyed reading “Wedding Dance Songs 2018!” Interested in learning about dance studio near you? Check us out in the Chicago Loop, Lincoln Park, Naperville/Aurora, or our new Schaumburg location starting in July.